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De la poésie à l’action

Circle of HER

I am The Question to The Answer

I am Curiosity-Teach

I am Warrior for Healing

I am Guardian-for-Nonjudgement

I am Keeper-of-the-Circle Made sacred by the stories

I am Liberate-Natural-Creativity

I am River collecting precious tears

Allowing them to crash against my banks as they flow away

I am Waterfall steadily streaming allowing HER to observe move towards take of the overflowing rush and choose to

pass through when ready the pain

I am SHE-Bringer-of-Wisdom        SHE-Who-Filters to mitigate pain suffering crisis

I am the Willow Tree HOPE demonstrated

Calling HER to safe space journey surrender innermost HER belonging

I am Linda-Stands-For-HER

The Circle of HER

Brave Space created

Brave Embrace cultivated and so I honor Sister HER

I am New-born-Butterfly

I am-New-Eyes-Going-All-In-Side-Depth of ME             I am Transformation-Determined to BE

I am Sister-HER Rhonda

I am the OAK tree with seeds of new essence

I am Pillar-Of-Silent-Strength holding space for observation and renewal

I am Embers-Of-Morning-Horizon         Dying the old day and dawning New ME

I am Sister-HER Betty

I am Wise-Owl-Power-Athena

warrior when forced but peacemaker and wisdom are my true nature

Watch out world            I am Depth-Untapped

I am Mother earth’s Voice         grounding – connector

I am Sister-HER Mandy

I am VOICE Primordial silence. Beingness listens

I am Light-Shines-Through

I am See me Know me I am taking up space           I am You Cannot Dull My Shine

I am Sister-HER Liza

I am I found my strength and it dwells in me and over flows to my girls

I am joy can’t be held down

I am Gift-Giver-Laughter cannot hide             My essence is laugh damn it

I am Sister-HER Rachelle

I am silver haired beauty

I am Beamed-Light-heart- Fullness of Grace

I am Life’s-innocent-simplicity-awakening-to-me

I am Sister-HER Jenny

I am La Niobe African -Jamaican – Canadian

Keeper of Womans stories past and future

I am Sacred Essence Storyteller

I am I Heal as I am guided to help others heal

I am Kasala animator

I am Sister-HER Patricia and I honor you all

Patricia Goulbourne