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De la poésie à l’action


I am Freedom-Wings floating on the spot

I am family-regained

I am unexpected Molded-Experience

I am movement-standing-still

I am stillness in motion

I am prisms in space forming space

I am structure unstructured ordered chaos

Of chiseled crystal

Faceted prism

Colour of movement illusion of moving stillness

I am future borrowed simultaneous eternal now

I am bound by the illusion of time

Illusive scattered linear time

In a boundless frame framed painting

A boundless framed painting singing colour emotions

A tree whose branches cradled by nature

Interlocked in her branches blank canvas

The prisms moving the artist to give it form

The picture that drew itself

To the unknowable depiction of the

Desire informed every change posture

In time phasing out of space and time

Patricia Goulbourne