logo Kasala

Van poëzie naar actie

I am Circle of Her

I am Black

I am woman

I am African decent

I am strength defiance resilience survival

I am roots trunk leaves blossoms of my ancestors

I am their legacy standing tall firmly planted on this earth here and there surviving thriving

I am I belong and I take my rightful place

I am African Diaspora

I am ritual

I am colour of rhythm

I am taste of the drum

I am manifest of the embers of the molten magma of mother earth

I am language unspoken in a multitude of dialects simultaneously

The sacred stories of the heritage that connects and binds the women of World-tribe

From newborn to elders to unborn

I am the long awaited HER in the center of the Circle of HER

I am freedom healing enslaved African Heritage through embodiment and movement

I am colour of dance

the dance of the embers

I am friend mother grandmother teacher leader connector influencer inspirer healer founder pioneer

ambassador of my heritage

I am whisper


I am silently loud boom of the ancient ones

I do the soul’s work

Reach more

Influence more

Free more

I am ritual I am legacy I am symbol I am strength of my heritage

I am the Story Of HER

I introduce Me Myself I am African -Jamaican – Canadian

Keeper of Womens stories past present future

I am Sacred Essence Storyteller

I am I Heal as I am guided to help others heal

I am Kasala animator

I am Sister-HER Patricia

Patricia Goulbourne